My father inspired my love of design.
We create and curate products to inspire you.

When I was a little girl, my dad and I used to spend hours in our Brooklyn, New York basement every weekend working on projects in his workspace, conveniently located next to my play area. I’d ditch the dolls to shadow his every move, oftentimes more in the way than anything.  He was too patient to tell me to move and I was too bossy to get out of the way.  As young as three years of age, he’d call out for me to pass him a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench. I’ve never not handled tools.

He dreamed of investing in real estate my entire childhood and we talked about it constantly.  After college, I rented my first apartment from my parents.  My father realized his dream of being an investor as I achieved independence.

At the age of 24, I purchased my first home, an abandoned fixer-upper. Most people saw it as a potential disaster.  I immediately fell in love with the craftsmanship of the home.

The little girl in me had grown into a designer with the vision to see the beauty that would exist within the century-old home.  At the same time, my father had evolved into a master craftsman that would enable him to make my vision a reality.  

My dad, my partner-in-crime as my mom calls him, and I would go on to create projects, design and renovate many investment properties thereafter.  


With each project and every piece, I bring our love of design to you. Dad proudly makes all of our wooden pieces in his workspace.

our mission

Our innovative home designs and lifestyle products inspire people to create a home, and life, they love.

Here’s what the bathroom looked like before the Wright touch.

We repurposed a door to make these built-in shelves in this beautiful bathroom.

Hey Designers!

I’m so excited to introduce you to my creative side.  I’m visual.  I’m nonconventional. I’m a logical and methodical planner with a creative flare.  I’ve never met a challenge that I haven’t welcomed.  

I’m a serial entrepreneur, so I do not like to be “boxed in”. I’m college educated, yet self-taught in many aspects of life and business.  

I’m a trained psychotherapist, educator and lover of all things business.  Most of all, I love helping people and that continues to be my purpose. 

To me, everything is connected.

My vision has changed the lives of young people across the world.  Within the kids that people remarked “would never amount to anything”, I instantly saw potential, just like the houses I’ve flipped. Eventually, each of my students shared my vision as did my end buyers.

The beauty is there.  I uncover it.  

I’ve designed and project managed the construction of commercial and residential projects.  My designs are functional and creative.  No two houses are the same, neither are the people who call it home.

My need to constantly challenge myself is our client’s gain. Each design is uniquely inspired by each client.  I provide a vision and design that’ll, in turn, be a tv-worthy masterpiece like no other. 

Hey Designers!

Cham is in charge of your Designer experience.  She covers coordinates the details to ensure that your vision comes to life just as you’ve pictured it.  

My hope for you is that our story and our company inspires you to curate the life you deserve.  

So, let’s light a candle and raise a glass to your piece of peace.